Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Matt Hill quits 2008 March for LGBT Equality organizing; Piedmont/Triad Organizing Effort disbands

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Hi everyone! Here is one of my very few personal posts which almost totally involves me. I have decided to quit organizing for the 2008 March on Washington (more at Below is a letter sent by me to those individuals involved wiht the Piedmont/Triad Organizing Effort, which was disbanded on September 28, 2005:
Hi everyone, Matt Hill here. I may have talked to some of you and then again you might have talked to Samantha Korb about the 2008 March on Washington Piedmont/Triad Organizing Effort. I wanted to email you all and let you know that I have decided that I do not want to continue to do grassroots organizing for the 2008 March on Washington for LGBT Equality. If any of you all would like to keep doing this, please feel free to do so, for this decision is only a personal decision of myself. There are numerous reasons why I have decided not to continue doing this and not to get involved in something that will, in time, become very large and hard for me to handle. The first reason is that I have realized that I might just be stretching myself very, very thin this year in my academic studies and I do need to focus on that. Also, I am heavily involved in many other organizations including my Student Government Association and UNCG's PRIDE! organization, as well as Alternative Resources of the Triad where I am already trying to organize a Triad-area organization for our various LGBTQA college student groups. The last reason for not wanting to continue in organizing for the 2008 March on Washington is a political one. I have come to realize that some of the rhetoric and political ideologies being thrown around about this March is very far from where I stand politically. Although I was first very intrigued by the "in-your-face" nature of the rhetoric, I have realized that this is probably no where close to the way in which the LGBTQA community will gain its civil rights and liberties. So please feel free to do some grassroots organizing of your own if you feel as though the March might be something which you would want to pursue. Contact if this is the case. Also, I encourage all of you to check out Equality NC at They are doing some really great things for LGBT North Carolinians (NC is the only Southern state not to have a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage put to referendum). Thank you all and feel free to get in touch with me at any time and for any reason. MATT HILL


Matt: I think focusing on your studies is admirable. I am the mother of a lesbian daughter.As you live longer you will find being gay is a smaller part of the whole you that it appears now. I applaude your activism. I KNOW thre are some seriously conservative,Christian gay people-ALWAYS have been. Just wanted to say thanks-your is the first blog I have ever visited. I might want to have one - a 61 year old grandmom with cancer might have a few things to share! I ask you to pray for me and my health - as I will pray for you. Grow and learn well. ( not really annonymous!)
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