Thursday, October 27, 2005

UNCG lesbian shows anti-straight prejudice; "not exactly straight" peer responds in support of straight allies

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I found these two letters very interesting. The first appeared in The Carolinian, the UNCG newspaper, on October 18, 2005 and the response to that letter appeared in the October 25, 2005 issue. It basically boils down to this: First, one ignorant, prejudiced and biased lesbian (yes gay people can be ignorant, prejudiced and biased, too) blasts straight people who are supportive of LGBT people and equality. Second, one "not exactly straight" person blasts the ignorant lesbian for making her prejudiced and biased remarks.... That "not exactly straight" person is Samantha Korb (look on the side bar, "Samantha's Blog")! I do want to take the time to make my own response to Ms. Jenna Major, however. How stupid and arrogant can you get... no the "G" in "UNCG" does not stand for "gay". LGBT people are NOT in the majority at UNCG, no matter how many people continue to spread that myth. The only thing that makes UNCG special is that we have more open and socially and politically involved LGBT students than most other colleges. The second thing I want to take issue with is this: Ms. Major says that straight people cannot write about LGBT issues and cannot help in the LGBT movement. Minorities will never gain equality unless there is help from the majority. Of course, that means we will have to burst Ms. Major's bubble and continue to allow straight people to help us. I just think she needs a good diversity awareness class. Straight girls, leave the pride to PRIDE! The Carolinian, Letters to the Editor, 10/18/2005 I am not an avid reader of the Carolinian - in fact, last year I never once read an article. However, this year one of my friends is writing for the paper and she has been pushing me to read it. So every time a new paper comes out I pick it up and read it. This week's paper however made me angry. We are at UNCG and most of us know that G stands for gay not Greensboro and I am a Lesbian. After talking to several of my gay friends I knew I needed to write this letter. How do you have self-proclaimed straight girls write about such important events as coming out and Pridefest? These are huge events in a GLBTQ's life. In Kitty Campbell's article "Coming Out to Create Change" she makes a statement, "What gives me the right to encourage GLBTQ folk to come out?" The answer to that question is you don't. You don't know what it is like so you can't talk about it. However, Kitty's article was nowhere near as offensive as Brook Taylor's "Straight Girl Goes Gay." Good for you for having gay friends and a boyfriend who is gay (that's another issue), but how can you take the Pridefest and turn it in a cheap article about how you got to see men with their shirts off and making out with a girl? That is insulting to say the least, and is "lesbionic" even a word? Not according to my spell check. In my opinion the Carolinian needs to find themselves a GLBTQ writer on their staff, because the straight ones should not be handling issues like these. Jenna Major ------ Don't dismiss straight allies The Carolinian, Letters to the Editor, 10/25/2005 Jenna Major's letter (October 18) "Straight girls, leave pride to PRIDE!" states that anyone who does not identify as GLBTQ (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer) should not be writing about GLBTQ issues. I strongly disagree. Her statements suggest that the GLBTQ community is exclusive, and that straight allies can not take part in the steps toward equality for GLBTQ individuals. Kitty Campbell's article "Coming out to Create Change" (October 4) was an excellent article that successfully and thoroughly examined what it means for a GLBTQ individual to come out. Why should it matter if Ms. Campbell is straight? Ms. Major completely misses the point of Brook Taylor's article, "Straight Girl Goes Gay" (October 4). I was there that weekend and Brook was simply telling her experience as a straight ally at PRIDE Fest. Writing "Lesbionic" was not intended to be derogatory to lesbians, it was funny to me, and I am not exactly straight either. As one of the Outreach Coordinators of UNCG PRIDE!, I believe it is important to include straight allies, not exclude them in fighting for equality for GLBTQ individuals. That includes bringing forth awareness of the issues like Ms. Campbell did and taking part in GLBTQ events like Ms. Taylor did. PRIDE! stands for Proudly Representing Individuality Diversity and Equality and that means welcoming straight allies in our movement. To exclude straight allies would only be hypocritical of the GLBTQ community and its movement for equality. Samantha Korb Original Source Letter One: click here Original Source Letter Two: click here