Friday, November 25, 2005

Update on Poland gay rights abuses: LGBT activists beaten & arrested during demonstration

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I originally posted on the anti-gay actions of the Polish government just about four days ago (Polish gays plead for help). During a demonstration by LGBT activists (a demonstration that the Polish government refused to allow, although activists did it anyway) in Warsaw, police started to arrest the participants as on lookers and counter demostrators hurled derogatory names and chanted, “We are going to do with you what Hitler did with the Jews." Needless to say, the police did nothing with the counter-protesters. It seems as though gay rights abuses are still happening, however, this time in the Polish city of Poznan. From the beatroot blog:
To the usual deafening silence, gays and lesbians and human rights campaigners were denied the right once again to protest against officially sanctioned homophobia in Poland. Last Saturday, protesters in Poznan – who went ahead with an Equality March even though the local council had denied them permission to do so – were beaten and arrested by cops and intimidated by local right wing thugs. See how the Polish authorities respect human rights in this video. And where is the blacked out front pages about that one then? Last night, Marian Pilka (Marian is a male name in Poland), an MP from the ruling Law and Justice party, called for gays to have psychiatric treatment and to ban the 'promotion' of homosexuality. And word is getting around. On his first trip to London since becoming PM, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz had to use a side entrance when visiting Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street so as to avoid protests from activists.
Keep an eye out on the the beatroot blog for more updates about the Polish gay rights abuses. The blog is run by a British journalist in Poland.