Thursday, December 01, 2005

President Bush address HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day

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Remember when HIV/AIDS was known as the "gay plague"? It was back in the 1980s, when the HIV/AIDS epidemic first started. Some people believe that HIV/AIDS is still a disease meant to "punish" the "sinful lifestyles" of the homosexuals. Well, according to what President Bush said in a speech today, I guess God is punishing the "sinful lifestyles" of African-Americans, too?
Yet America still sees an estimated 40,000 new infections each year. This is not inevitable -- and it's not acceptable. HIV/AIDS remains a special concern in the gay community, which has effectively fought this disease for decades through education and prevention. And the demographics of this disease continue to change. AIDS is increasingly found among women and minorities. Nearly half of the new infections are found in the African-American community. (Source: White House)
So, here's a question for all the people who pushed the claim that AIDS was a "gay" disease in the 80s and for the people who still do it today... If AIDS is a "gay" disease, why aren't more gays dying? For the full text of the President's speech or to watch it on video, visit the White House website at:


I'm interested in why nearly half of the new infections are found among a minority group that represents, like what 13-14% of the US population?

Last year when I worked with Congressman John Lewis, he held a HIV/AIDS Roundtable Discussion with all the big black business leaders and Presidents of all the Black Historical Colleges in Atlanta. His concern was the increasing rate of HIV infection among educated black college students attending historically black colleges like Morehouse (MLK's school), Morris-Brown, Spelman, etc..

The theory behind the increase was that the males were having unprotected sex with other guys, virus transmitted, and then infecting their girlfriends with HIV.

Obviously poverty plays a big factor, but what do you think the other factors are for this rapid increase among blacks?