Friday, July 08, 2005

News??? I don't think so.

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At The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), where I go to school, the political atmosphere is always buzzing. Although the majority of students probably lean a bit to the left, with a great portion of them either somewhere near the middle or they just don't care, there seems to be very few students on campus who identify as "conservative." I am one of those few people who will identify myself as a conservative. Others include members of the College Republicans which is about the only group on campus for regular, plain old conservative minded individuals, Democratic or Republican. There is one organization on campus though that caters to a different type of concervative ideology. This group, calling themselves the "Conservative Union," is nothing more than a small band of radical right conservatives who will stop at nothing to see everyone's rights stripped away just so that their own ideas of "morals" and "family values" will win the day. This, I am afraid, is NOT conservative ideology; rather it is facist and dictatorial ideology and the same ideology of Mr. Karl Rove and... oh yeah, almost forgot, Mr. George W. Bush. Current members of the Conservative Union were involved in the push to have University funding stripped away from UNCG PRIDE!, the campus lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied student association. They also run a non-University affiliated "newspaper" called The Spartan News at This website is not a newspaper, in fact, it is far from ever being a newspaper. The site is nothing more than a place for the radical right members of our student body to slam every person in the world who isn't straight and Republican. If one were to even look at their website for news he or she wouldn't find any, at least not any that is less than four months old. A real newspaper contains news, their "newspaper" contains four-month old propoganda and rhetoric. I have nothing against conservatives, hell, I am a conservative. What I am against, however, are people who think that they can make every person in this nation live under they rule of what they think is "God's Will." I believe in God and the majority of American's believe in God and, yes, this country was even founded on some Judeo/Christian/Islamic principals, but that doesn't mean that our government and our leaders get to establish a religion or force other people to live under the rule of a set of beliefs to which they do not ascribe. I wish that the Conservative Union wasn't controlled by radically conservative religious fanatics... maybe I would join.