Tuesday, August 02, 2005

NC Church leads the way: Breaks ties with UCC

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According to an article on 365gay.com, a Salisbury, North Carolina, church has severed itself with the United Church of Christ. According to the article: "On Sunday, members of Shiloh United Church of Christ voted 189-9 to sever ties with the denomination - ending 40 years of affiliation with the UCC. Shiloh was founded 134 years ago." Shiloh Church broke its ties over the issue of same-sex marriage. The UCC General Synod approved a resolution supporting marriage for same-sex couples in July. Over 80 percent of the 1000 delegated voted in favor of the resolution. ===== It comes as no surpirse to me that a rural church in North Carolina would want to seperate itself from a national body taking a positive and inclusive stance on the issue of marriage for same-sex couples and other gay and lesbian issues. North Carolina has long been a more conservative minded state, especially when it comes to religion. I hope the best for Shiloh Church in its journey of faith and service. I also hope that all member's of Christ's Church remember this one thing: We are all one body, for we share one bread and one cup.