Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Heterosexuality Diversity Officer?

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From the Washington Blade: Australian university appoints 'heterosexuality officer' Mission is to safeguard straight rights SYDNEY (AP) | Sep 28, 11:24 AM A kangaroo-hunting, beer-drinking 22-year-old student has been appointed Australian academia's first "heterosexuality officer" with a vague mission to safeguard straight rights, a newspaper reported Wednesday. The student association at the University of New England in rural northern New South Wales state appointed third-year law student Dave Allen to the position earlier this year, The Australian newspaper reported. Many universities in Australia have gay and lesbian student groups, which receive a portion of their funding from mandatory student union fees paid by every student. The federal government, however, has recently announced plans to make the payment of such fees voluntary, prompting protests from students around the country who say the quality of student life on campus will decline if funds are cut. Allen's appointment appears to be aimed more at protesting alleged preferential treatment for gay students than protecting heterosexuals from marginalization. When asked what his duties were, he replied: "None at the moment." Craig Comrie, the gay officer for Australia's National Union of Students, said he thought the appointment was a form of backlash. To read the full article CLICK HERE


This is another example, of a nazi doing something ironic, lets face it gays are persecuted everywhere, gays, are bullied for being gays in every schools in Britaina nd australia, they are burned by nazi rap singers in jamaica and the carribean, and then comes along this scumbag, and preteneds there is no homophobia against gays, the fact is, he actually said he does nopt like it when gays get things, does he moan, about others, does he moan at homes for battered women, does he say, "why are they no homes for non-battered women, does he moan at the lifeboat association coming to rescue people who are not in trouble at sea, no he does, not, all he is doing this for is his hatred of gays, gays need gay pride, and respect, and along come scum like him to critise them, and sday their is no homophobia, and then tell gays, "i have no hatred of gays, i just do not like the weay gays get anything", i think gays need special tretament just like everybody needs specvial tretament, after all farmers like him get subsidies, farmers, like him get a farming minister, farmers, like him get this and that, the fact he said all tyhis anti-gay stuff, is as he thinks they desrve no help, that society should pretend gays do not exist, and so deserve no way where society tries to suit them to a extent, rather than ask them to suit society, this is a great triumph of liberalism, that society says society is not just about bulluies, andf homophobes and racists, that gays, pay taxd, and deserve rights, that we all deserv rights, that governments should try and attack homophboia, and bullying, and the high suicide rate of gays, and aborginiees, by having people in government who understand them, just like how the police are mostly working class thugs, so understand working class thugs, we should have people in society who understand reasnoble gay concerns, or beaten wives, or other geroups, about bullying, i think the horrible evil aussie nazi, is like the people from easy rider, who when they see somebody diofferent they just hate them, and then beat the guys to death, you know the scumbags in teh pub, who beat jack nicholson to death, i think he is like that, and he pretedning as he likes killing kangaross, and drinking beer that makes him more of a man, than anybody else, it does not, all it shows is that he likes drinking beer, and killing kangaroos, i bet if all th people who actually are saying on the internet they support him, actually had a chat with him, he would say if they were american "oh mate i hate all americans" and then beat you up, and kill you, if you were Brit, he would say"is it true all brits are faggots, " and then kill you, then some serial killer woman, i think people like him should be executed in gulags, its not fair that people like him are alive, while gays kill themslves, and are burned to death, and while gays are bullied, and if they turned up ata kanagroo shoot, scum like him would probably spend the whole time, mocking agys, i think this waffen ss officer should be dealt with the same way the soviets dealt with nazi cvoncentration camp guards,
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10/15/2005 11:29:00 AM  
Oh, don't think I support the guy... that is far, far, far from the truth.

Although I will say you might want to calm down just a little bit... you sound very angry... angry to the point of doing something you shouldn't.