Monday, October 17, 2005

Ignorance, bigotry abounds as Utah students discuss newly formed gay-straight alliance

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From the Daily Herald, Salt Lake City, Utah: Gay club -- student quotes The Daily Herald Sunday, October 16, 2005 Students at Provo and Timpview high schools were asked recently by the Daily Herald what they thought of the possibility of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Provo High. "We just want to be left alone. We don't want this as our image." Kevin Dix, 17, Provo High senior "I think that it should be fair for other people to be in the relationship that they want to." Bodi Bench, 14, Provo High freshman "I don't think that's fair. That's like them signing a petition for us not being able to breakdance." Olga Rouse, 16, Provo High sophomore "I wouldn't go out against it openly, but I wouldn't join it, either." Julianne Long, 15, Timpview High sophomore "If they have problems, they can talk about it during lunch or in between classes, or even after school. They shouldn't even freakin' impose on us. I'm tired of the gays." Devan Lawrence, 15, Provo High sophomore "They shouldn't encourage any sexual thing at all, because school isn't about that. It's about learning, and it's about getting an education. It's not about going to sexual clubs. If it was about learning or a sport, I'd understand." Courtney Dixon, 15, Provo High freshman "I don't agree with being gay or lesbian, but I think it's OK that people want to make them feel accepted, but I wouldn't ever be a part of it." Jenna Palmer, 15, Timpview High junior "If they want a club they should do it somewhere else." Tiffanie Henrie, 14, Provo High freshman "They shouldn't have it inside a high school at all, anywhere. It's just wrong." Weston Stubbs, 15, Provo High sophomore "Some people have different views. It doesn't mean the whole school's necessarily different." Melanie Jamison, 16, Timpview High junior "It's gotten easier over the years for them to come out of their shell and not be made fun of. Still being at a young age, it's still really critical for them to be shown that it's OK to be different -- they're not going to be persecuted for it." Brecca Singh, 15, Provo High freshman "They have, like, a sickness. You can't get mad at somebody for being sick." Megan Muirhead, 15, Timpview High sophomore This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A1. Source: ===== Can you believe the amount of bigotry, ignorance and misunderstanding abounds from the words of these teens? It is absolutely ridiculous! They ask why a GSA is needed... the students have answered their own question. If you though what the students said was horrible, check out the comments on the story available on the Daily Herald site: Taking one look at the homepage of the Daily Herald, inthe "Latest Comments" section (on the right hand side) all of the comments have been about the new GSA at Provo High School. The great majority of the comments are extremely negative. Although, you really can't be surprised... it is in Salt Lake City, Utah.