Sunday, November 13, 2005

County school board in Maryland nixes discussion of homosexuality

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From the Washington Post: Taking No Chances on Sex Ed Charles Board Moves to Prevent More Open Curriculum By William Wan Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, November 12, 2005; Page B05 For more than a year now, members of the Charles County school board have been watching Montgomery County. They saw the proposed sex education curriculum last year that included discussions of homosexuality and videos on using condoms. They looked on as impassioned parents fought all the way to federal court to kill the program. And after they had seen enough, the Charles board members took a vote to make it official: They didn't like what they saw. So the Charles Board of Education drew up a list of positions on the subject: in favor of laws to restrict teachers from discussing homosexuality, to emphasize abstinence and to oppose demonstrations of how to put on a condom. Board members then handed out the list to other elected leaders of Charles this month at an annual get-together over breakfast. Surprised by the passionate positions on laws that anyone had yet to propose, some county commissioners and state representatives said they weren't sure how to respond. "That was one of the first items they brought up," said Del. Sally Y. Jameson (D-Charles). "They insisted we not do anything that would require them to do anything. It was an interesting exchange." But the county teachers union and others in the community see the list as further proof that recent changes in the school board have made it a staunchly conservative and moralizing body. And they worry that it might become even more so in coming weeks, as the board meets behind closed doors to choose its newest member. To read the full article click here