Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fifty gay priests reject papal ban on gays

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From The Austrailian: Gay priests reject papal ban From correspondents in Vatican City December 15, 2005 Fifty priests identifying themselves as homosexuals have said that an edict approved by Pope Benedict XVI banning bishops from ordaining homosexuals into the priesthood left them feeling abandoned. "We feel like abandoned and unloved children of the Church to which we promised and gave our fidelity and love," said the priests in a letter published by the Italian website The "open letter to believers" is addressed to Cardinal Zenon Grocholewsky, head of the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education who signed the November 29 edict. The Vatican said it had been read and approved by the 78-year-old pontiff last northern summer. The letter said homosexual priests had been "deeply shocked and offended" by a suggested link between homosexuality and pedophilia. "We do not want to be made to pay for the faults of others," it said. Original source