Friday, December 02, 2005

Help bring LOGO, the new LGBT channel from MTV Networks, to the Piedmont Triad area

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From the UNCG PRIDE! website, Help Bring LOGO, the new LGBT channel from MTV Networks, to Greensboro and the greater Piedmont/Triad area! Dear Friends, We need your help today to reach out to Time Warner cable with a quick email. We think it's time they knew first-hand how many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and gay-friendly households they are serving in the greater Greensboro area. You may have heard that LOGO, the new lesbian and gay channel from MTV Networks, launched this past June to nearly 18 million households. But did you know that LOGO is not available to one single cable customer served by Time Warner in Greensboro? Whether or not you wish to watch LOGO (that is your choice), we believe the airwaves belong to all of us, and that we should have a say on what is available on TV. Today we have a unique opportunity to help bring LGBT related cable programming to underserved parts of the country including Greensboro, NC. LOGO features relevant LGBT news, a wide range of LGBT related films, original series, innovative documentaries and much more. Visit to see for yourself what LOGO is all about. This is in no way a pitch for you or anyone else to subscribe to cable or satellite TV, or even to watch LOGO. This is about you and your family and friends deserving to have a choice about what to watch, and not being denied access to gay TV programming. We can make the difference, and we are asking you to do the following right now: Email Time Warner cable at Select Contact Us in the Customer Service field, then Online form in the Programming request field, and then strongly urge them to carry LOGO. Let's make sure Time Warner knows that there are plenty of potential viewers in the Greensboro community they serve who count, including you. Please share this message with your friends, and ask them to request LOGO too. We have strength in numbers!


Your right Matt, I brought this up a while back and was hoping to get some response but to no avail. I really would like to see this channel in our area, but I have a feeling alot of people would be writing nasty letters to the newspaper if it did.
Help bring Q Television Network to your area as well. Of the three glbt channels, Q has the best original programmings. Request the Q Television Network in your area from your cable/satellite carrier! The more gay channels, the more visibility, more exposure, the better.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 12/02/2005 11:42:00 PM