Monday, December 12, 2005

UK: 6% of population gay or lesbian

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According to an article published by the Daily Telegraph (U.K.), one in 16 people is gay or lesbian, according to new figures released by the government. The figures were compiled for the U.K.'s new domestic partner law and shows that gays and lesbians make up six percent (6%) of the population in Britain. ====== How interesting! The article goes on to say how estimates of the gay and lesbian population have ranged from one in five to only one in 100. The most famous estimate in history was the one made by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. His estimate of the gay and lesbian population was one in 10. One in 16 isn't far off though. The article in the Daily Telegraph states:
The Department of Trade and Industry says there are an estimated 1.5 million to two million homosexuals and bisexuals in the 30 million-strong workforce. With a population of 60 million, it is estimated that the country has a homosexual community of between three and four million members.
In my opinion, 6% of any population is a lot. Of course, it is no where near being the majority or even a "sizeable portion" of the total population but it is a lot. I remember back during my senior year at R.J. Reynolds High School when we were doing the Day of Silence. That year, Reynolds' had the largest student participation in the event within the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System. We had about 130 students who participated that day (we barely beat out Mt. Tabor which had somewhere in the 110s). That was 130 out of about 1900 students: or about 6% of the student population. Now... like I said before, it wasn't a "sizeable portion" but it definitely was enough to get people's attention! I'm really glad these figures from the U.K. have "come out" (no pun intended). We need another study in the United States, I think our current statistics place the gay and lesbian population at somewhere around three to four percent. Everyone knows it is more than that though... especially here in the Triad.


I agree that we need another study in the US, especially to know the percentages in the Triad.
And thats only the people that will admit it. I'm sure if you could get everyone to be honest... That number would be a whole lot larger then it is.