Thursday, February 02, 2006

Guilford College to consider 'gender-blind' housing policy

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According to an article published by the News & Record, Guilford College is going to be considering putting in place a 'gender-blind' housing policy. THe new policy would allow students of two students of the opposite sexes to room together in the college's on-campus residence halls. David Norton, a Guilford College student and member of the QCYNT Advisory Board, proposed the idea. He had actually talked to me about the new proposal sometime over WInter Break, when I was talking to him about QCYNT and inviting him to be a part of the Advisory Board. According to the article:
Norton said he sought the change because "I think there's a rule in place that doesn't really have any merit in today's time. I think it's a rule that is founded on this assumption that doesn't really exist, assumptions about gender and sexuality that aren't true."
The gender-blind housing policy would also provide for more comfortable rooming options for students who are transgendered or transexual. I think that UNCG has such a policy, although it is difficult for two students to get permission from the Housing Office to room together. I'll have to look into that. All-in-all, though, today has been a good day in the News & Record. Good coverage on the ART/Graffiti Ads issue and the gender-blind housing issue at Guilford. GO N&R! If you are looking for more information on the Gender-blind Housing proposal, click here to see the proposal rationale, from the Guilford College Student Senate website. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , ,