Friday, July 08, 2005

A New Blog, A Fresh Start

My blog has moved!!! Please visit my new blog for all the newest news, events, opinions and more!!!
You will be automatically re-directed in three seconds. Click the link to go to the new blog now. Use the search function on the new blog to find any story you are looking for on here.

So it is 2:30 am now on July 8th, and after considering for quite a while to finally just give up on my own "I'm gonna have my own blog and not use one of those horrible free ones like" I finally have moved the Blog to one of those "horrible free ones like...." you guessed it: I hope that you all enjoy this! And this one's for you Ricky: You get to leave comments now! YAY! All of my pre-July 8, 2005 posts which were made on my old blog ( can still be read there if you'd like. I have posted two of my better blogs (Schism is still a threat & Thirty Six Years After Stonewall) on here. I'm also still looking for someone who would be interested in helping me post on my blog. This person would have to be someone I know and trust and someone with whom I can relatively agree on most issues (political, societal, concerning gay rights and religion). If you are interested please let me know by emailing me at If you would like to help me, al that you would have to do is make regular posts concerning political, activist, societal, religious, local, state, national, world or LGBTQA issues. I can offer you an account on my blog and an email account such as If your interested email me. Talk to you all later and enjoy!