Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Poll shows NC voters would back a gay union ban

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I just discovered this poll, published June 24, 2005 by the Raleigh News and Observer (click here to see article). The poll included 600 randomly selected persons in North Carolina. According to the article: "A survey this month of likely voters found that 56 percent favored prohibiting gay marriage through an amendment, 38 percent disagreed and the remaining 6 percent were not sure." ===== This is precisely why we should NOT allow the people to decide the fate of the minority by referendum! Just imagine if we had put slavery up to vote by the people, or maybe women's right to vote, or child labor... maybe prayer in the schools... what about putting the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the demands it made up to a vote... what about segregation? If any one of those issues had been put up to a vote by the people... of course the minority would have been overruled. It is just ludicrous to allow the people to decide on an issue of equality, for the majority is often against the minority. The majority, many times, will also do their very best to keep the minority "in their rightful place" in society. I hate to say this, but its true... Sometime the majority is STUPID!! They were stupid during slavery, on the issue of the woman's vote, child labor and segregation. What makes them right about marriage and equal rights for gays? NOTHING.