Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vatican to issue new regulations banning gay priests

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According to an article on the Vatican is preparing to issue new regulations calling for the prohibition of allowing gays into the priesthood. For years, the celibacy vow all priests take was considered enough to allow gay persons to serve as priests since Church doctrine does not condemn homosexual "temptations," but only condemns homosexual acts. It is not clear whether the Holy Father will sign off on the new regulations, which was brought forth by the Congregation for Catholic Education and Seminaries, the Vatican body which oversees seminaries. ====== These new regulations are just one more attempt by the Church to try to blame gays for the abuse of children by the clergy. This is even more evident when you consider that the Holy Father will be sending investigators to the United States in order to gauge the clergy child abuse crisis and also to investigate how many gays are currently serving in the priesthood. If the new regulations are passed by the Holy Father, gays will no longer be able to enter into seminary and gays currently serving within the clergy may be defrocked. As the Church apologized to Galileo five hundred years after his death, the Church will certainly have to apologize to gays in the future. It is too bad that the Church does not realize that what it does is wrong until centuries after it has caused harm.