Thursday, August 25, 2005

Drive-by Culture?

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This morning as I was standing outside of my dorm drinking my coffee and having a cigarette (yeah... its bad for me I know)... I saw something that just really, really disturbed me. One student was walking down the sidewalk, going to class I assumed. And a white Volvo pulled up. One student in the Volvo proceeded to roll down the car window, stick his hand outside, and make a hand symbol of a gun and then "fired" it at the student walking down the street. The Volvo stopped and the two students chatted for a while. I assumed they knew each other. I hope you can see what is so disturbing. One would expect someone to give a friendly wave or say "What's up?" but in this case, one student pretended to shoot another in a "drive-by"! What is this? This is crazy if you ask me. Is it "cool" now to pretend that you are shooting someone in a drive-by? If so, these students might need some serious help. Let's just hope that hand-symbol of a gun doesn't one day turn into a real gun.


OK, this has nothing to do with the main point of your entry, but:

Smoking may be bad for you, but it is oh so good. . .

Try to quit, but don't beat yourself up about it when you don't quite get there. I'm still trying myself. . .
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