Sunday, September 04, 2005

Few KKK members show up to protest gay Methodists' conference in North Carolina

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According to an article published by the Asheville, NC, Citzen-Times, very few members of the Ku Klux Klan showed up at the "Hearts on Fire" conference of the Reconciling Ministries Network, a group of gay and gay-friendly United Methodists pushing for more inclusion of gay and lesbina individuals within the life and work of the United Methodist Church. The conference, which is being held at church owned property at Lake Junaluska, NC, attracted lots of attention, from both sides of the issue, in recent days (see earlier post). Some individuals showed up at the conference ground in order to protest the KKK. According to the article:
“Love is the way to be,” said Mary Mills as she stood with fellow protestor Macon Brandon at the intersection. “That is what Jesus’ message is.” J.J. Harper, the Imperial Wizard of the KKK group from Georgia, said he was surprised at the lack of protestors. “This whole area ought to be filled with Christians,” he said. A Waynesville couple and a man from Clyde sat in lawn chairs in an area for pro-gay Christian protesters to show support for the conference. The conference — organized by a group that supports opening all aspects of the church to gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people — ends Monday.
Protests will not be allowed on the property today, the Lord's Day.