Thursday, September 29, 2005

HIV growing weaker, Bulgium study reports

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According to an article on, a study done by researchers at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium, suggests that HIV is growing weaker, opposing some reports that HIV is becoming more resistant to HIV/AIDS drugs. Researchers studied HIV-1 strains from 1986 through 1986 and 2002 through 2003. Evidence from the later samples suggest that the virus does not multiply as much and is more resistant to drugs. Marco Vitoria, an AIDS expert working for the World Health Organization, points out that other diseases, such as smallpox, TB and syphilis, have shown the same tendency to weaken over time. He cautions, however, that such chagnes in the make up of a disease takes place over generations not years. ===== If HIV really is becoming weaker and slowly turning to the point where we might be able to medicinally prevent the majority of humans from contracting it, then this is truly a medical breakthrough. Caution, however, is still the best way in which to prevent the spread of HIV and no one should let their gaurd down. Please, Please, use protection and be careful with your sexual partners. For more information on HIV/AIDS: U.S. Centers for Disease Control FAQs on HIV/AIDS