Friday, September 16, 2005

Website publishes names, addresses of those who sign the Massachusetts petition to ban gay marriage

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According to an article on Bay Windows Online, ("New Englands Largest Gay and Lesbian Newspaper"), a website has been made in order to post the names and addresses of all of the signers of the Massachusetts petition for a gay marriage ban. As of right now, is listing the names and addresses of the original thirty signers of the petition. Those names and addresses are public record and are already available via the Massachusetts Attorney General's website. ====== There once was a day when people caught engaging in the criminal acts of "sodomy" had their names and addresses splashed all over the newspapers. Many of those gay people lost their families, their homes, their jobs and their lives. Now the tables have turned. The haters have become the hated. Ironic, huh?


This is an awesome idea... The problem is now, our they so proud they won't mind?