Wednesday, September 14, 2005

After losing University affiliation on Monday, the UNCG Student Gov't regained official affiliation today.

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On Monday, September 12, 2005, the Office of Student Life at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro informed the Student Government Association that it had lost its affiliation with the University after not turning in its re-affiliation form, which almost every student organization is required to complete every semester. Today, after the President and Vice President of the Student Government Association wrote a letter of appeal and apology to the Office of Student Life on Tuesday, September 13, 2005, the Student Government Association regained its affiliation. The Student Government Association drafted an official letter to the Student Body and to UNCG student organizations on Tuesday evening, after an emergency meeting of the Legislative Boardm, which includes the executive members of the Legislative Branch (I am a part of this Board). According to the letter:
Every organization must affiliate with the Office of Student Life (OSL), and in doing so, fill out an affiliation or re-affiliation form. This form was due Monday, September 12, 2005 at 3:30pm to the Office of Student Life. Because of miscommunication errors among the leadership of the Student Government Association (SGA), the paperwork was not turned in on time. The paperwork has been turned in as well as a letter of appeal and apology to OSL and awaits review for possible probationary affiliation.
On Tuesday, the Student Government Association began to take immediate emergency action in order to stay affiliated with the University and the effort has paid off. Even though the Student Government Association has regained affiliation much controversy still remains in regards to mistakes and miscommunication within the Executive Branch of the UNCG Student Body's Student Government. Much of this controversy, along with other issues including a new push to have the Student Government Association granted permanent affiliation with the University, will be fleshed out in future meetings of the Student Senate and its various committees during the remainder of the semester. In terms of setbacks, elections for Senators and Special Requests for money from the Student Government Association will be pushed back by at least one week. The Student Senate and its various committees including the oen I chair, the Legislative Committee, is now at least a week behind business. Since the Senate meeting for Tuesday, September 13, 2005, was cancelled, the next Senate meeting (which also includes Committee night) on Septmeber 20, 2005 is expected to run at least twice its normal length. The letter from the Office of Student Life to the Student Government Association regarding the reinstatement of affiliation has not yet been released to the public by the President and vice President. Although some in the University community are blaming Student Government, as a whole, for its loss in affiliation, I am committed to keeping the honor of those individuals who had nothing to do with this mistake clean. In my honest opinion, the mistake made concerning reaffiliation is one which rests with the Executive Branch. The President took upon herself the responsibility of filling out the reaffiliation form and she neglected to turn the form in on time. The Legislative Branch and Judicial Branches of the Student Government have done and are doing their jobs completely. Although the President has accepted personal responsibility for this mistake, I still believe that a written, formal reprimand should be passed by the Student Senate, citing Madame President villanueva's neglect in turning in the reaffiliation forms. For those who are talking about impeachment or removal... please stop. Reprimand is appropriate in this situation but I do believe that, overall, the President is perfectly capable of continuing in her capacity as the elected Executive of the Student Body. She should not be impeached or removed. I will keep you all updated as to issues regarding Student Government.


I don't feel that those calling for impeachment are quite so off base, and here's why:

Had this been some silly little mistake, say, missing a meeting with no notice whatsoever, that's where reprimand comes in, for things that will ultimately by inconsequential, but still require correction.

This, however, was not some minor mistake, it could have hurt a lot of organizations were it not resolved so quickly. Look up the definition of nonfeasance - Daphne is getting a decent salary to ensure she carries out her duties to the best of her ability, and she failed. If, unlike 50+ other organizational leaders, she can't turn in a few sheets of paper on time, how can she be trusted with the small things?

I have not, currently, heard enough evidence that this "breakdown in communication" was solely the fault of the President, and therefore will not personally be requesting her impeachment to be placed on your agenda. If such information arises, this may change, however.

There are a lot of people justifiably upset over this, I wouldn't be surprised if someone does request your committee to vote on it.
As of right now, I feel as though the President is capable of continuing in that capacity. THe reprimand would serve only to write this situation down and get it on record as to whose fault it is. Ryan, since you are a member of SGA, I would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss, in some more detail, some of the things which have happened in the past few days.