Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee Miers opposed repeal of anti-gay Texas sodomy law

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According to an article on 365gay.com, a document signed by Supreme Court nominee Harriett Miers in 189 surfaced Monday night in which she stated she was opposed to the repeal of the Texas sodomy law, which was overturned by the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas (2004). According to the article:
In it Miers says she believes that gay men and lesbians should have the same civil rights as non gay men and women but would oppose repeal of the Texas sodomy law. The law was later struck down by the US supreme Court (story) The sixth vote in the split ruling was by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the judge Bush has nominated Miers to succeed. Miers statements were made in response to a series of questions posed to all candidates for council by the Lesbian/Gay Coalition of Dallas. The coalition is no longer in existence. A copy of the questionnaire was provided to 365Gay.com Monday night by the Human Rights Campaign. On HIV/AIDS issues Miers was asked if she believes the city has a responsibility to fund AIDS education and patient support services. She answered yes. Asked if she would support raising the ceiling on the amount the city spends she also said yes, adding a caveat that it would depend on the available money in the city budget. When asked if she would support a nondiscrimination ordinance to protect minorities including gays Miers hedged, replying that she believed it was an issue for the Texas legislature. The form also asked if she sought the group's endorsement and checked off a box indicating no, although she agreed to attend a candidate screening session. The form was signed by Miers on March 28, 1989.
Although Miers did not seek the endorsement of the Lesbian/Gay Coalition of Dallas, she did attend a candidate screening session held by the group. The largest national gay and lesbian civil rights groups have urged the Senate to take extreme caution in regards to gay and lesbian rights during the confirmation hearings for Miers. ====== Hopefully, Miers views on the subject of gay and lesbian civil rights, and the sodomy laws, have changed. We can only hope that more information becomes available in the next few days. If it turns out that Miers still holds to the same views she held in 1989 I would hope that the United States Senate would care enough about gay and lesbian Americans to not confirm her to the post.


I agree. But I doubt they'll ask.