Sunday, October 02, 2005

The updated

My blog has moved!!! Please visit my new blog for all the newest news, events, opinions and more!!!
You will be automatically re-directed in three seconds. Click the link to go to the new blog now. Use the search function on the new blog to find any story you are looking for on here.

Hello everyone! I have finished moving the bulk of my old website on my UNCG server space over to my domain name space at I've updated the langauge and the information and I have also gone and made the site less "biographical" and less "third person" giving it a more personal spin using words like "I" and "my" instead of "Matt" and "his." I'm not done with it yet and I hope to add in an events and happenings section like I had on my UNCG server space. I really want my site to be a resource for LGBT individuals on the web, as well as serving as my personal site and letting people know more about me. I'll talk to everyone later! P.S. - If you have any ideas, questions, comments or suggestions about my site, please, please feel free to contact me: matt at matthillnc dot com