Monday, November 14, 2005

Famous gay conservative to move blog to

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Andrew Sullivan, according to a blog post posted by himself, will be moving his blog to Andrew Sullivan, one of the more famous conservative leaning gay Americans, was once a contributor to Here is what he had to say:
I'm glad to say that in the near future, this blog will have a new home. We're moving to's home-page and will be hosted by their server. My invaluable business partner, Robert, who has managed all the technical and financial aspects of running a blog for over five years will be able to focus on other things; and I will continue to be able to concentrate on the writing. The blog has gotten far bigger than I originally believed possible - and much bigger than I want to handle on my own., with all sorts of internet links, technical support and a huge potential audience, will, I hope, make this blog more accessible to more people, bring more advertizing and marketing to the site, and take the blog to a new level of exposure. We have plans to add new features to make the site more interactive and more easily read and searched. As for my new home, I've been a contributor to Time for a while and think the world of their editors. As for the deal, I can simply assure you that I have retained exactly the same editorial control as I have had since the beginning. This is a blog. I won't be running posts before any editors before they appear. I will continue to write simply what I believe or think, however misguided I may be. I will continue to correct any errors in the full light of day and change my mind if new events demand it or new facts compel it. I will try and air counter-arguments as often as possible. In other words: the essence of the blog won't change. You will still like it for the same reasons or hate it for the same reasons; or, as many of you keep telling me, both.