Thursday, November 17, 2005

Islam and gays to be subject of new movie

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From News & the Associated Press: Film To Explore Gays & Islam by The Associated Press Posted: November 17, 2005 7:00 pm ET (The Hague) Dutch lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wrote the script for the short movie Submission that outraged Muslims and led to the murder of its director, says her sequel will deal with gays and Islam. ``In the movie, they (gays) are called God's creatures,'' Hirsi Ali said in an interview published Thursday. Unlike the first movie that was broadcast on Dutch television, the film will carry no credits and the actors will not be recognizable, she told the Volkskrant daily. A Muslim fanatic murdered the director of the first film, Theo van Gogh, one year ago. The film was a fictional study of women suffering abuse in Muslim households, and used scenes of near-naked women that some Muslims found deeply offensive. Van Gogh's killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was sentenced to life imprisonment. It was unclear when and where the sequel will be shown, but Hirsi Ali said she hoped it too will be aired on national television. The first film hasn't been shown in public since the murder. Hirsi Ali spent months in hiding after Van Gogh was stabbed and shot to death on an Amsterdam street. A letter left by Bouyeri threatened her and other prominent Dutch politicians. Upon her return to public life, Hirsi Ali - a Somali-born refugee who renounced her own faith in Islam - vowed to continue to fight religious extremism and promote the emancipation of woman, despite death threats. She is a member of the free-market Liberal party which is part of the conservative governing coalition. Bosnian Muslim gays and lesbians have registered the first organization for homosexual Muslims in Bosnia, the organization said Thursday. The International Initiative for Visibility of Queer Muslims said in a statement released in Sarajevo they are ``the first queers organization of primarily religious orientation in the Balkans,'' and that the organization was founded by a group of young activists from Bosnia and Lebanon. Original Source