Saturday, December 17, 2005

Catholic university allows gay-straight student group to form

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According to an article published by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Duquesne University, an institution affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, has given the approval for a gay-straight student group to form on campus. Although Catholic teaching clearly prohibits homosexual conduct, University officials have said that the formation of the group is appropriate. "Such an organization, under the right circumstances, is consistent with our Catholic identity," university President Charles Dougherty said. "I think it's widely known that the Catholic position on homosexual conduct is that it is not acceptable," he said. "Less widely known is that the church stands by all people, regardless of sexual orientation." A committee of students, faculty, staff, administrators and clergy met ten times before final approval was given to the proposal to start the group. The student whos ubmitted the proposal, Sophomore Matthew Pratter, 22, said that he has been pleased with the progress of the group's formation. Earlier this fall, Duquesne student Ryan Miner was disciplined for making derogatory comments about gays and lesbians, sparked by the formation of the group. His remarks were made on the online student network known as "Facebook". He was required to write a ten-page paper on the Catholic teaching of respecting the dignity of all persons. The head of the committee which reviewed the proposal to start the gay-straight student group said that the process was guided by Church documents and teachings related to both homosexuality and human dignity. Although the group did receive permission to form, it was asked to slightly revise its constitution and refrain from participating in activities which would not fit with Church teachings. Technorati Tags: , , ,