Thursday, December 29, 2005

Forsyth County politics pick up again with homophobia, bigotry & prejudice

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As Nathan Tabor announces his intentions to run for office, one thing becomes apparent: Homophobia, bigotry and prejudice will once again be the currency of Forsyth County politics. The Winston-Salem Journal LogoAccording to an article published by The Winston-Salem Journal, the race for Senator Ham Horton's seat in the North Carolina Senate is heating up. Nathan Tabor, a young Republican conservative activist (should be known as anti-gay bigot) from Kernersville, has announced that he will run for the Horton's seat in 2006, the 31st NC Senate District. Tabor (pictured right), who made an unsuccessful run for the 5th Congressional District in 2004, was called a "young Jesse Helms" by Liberty University founder the Reverend Jerry Falwell, who is himself one of the biggest anti-gay bigots in America (recall his placing blame for September 11th on the "feminists and homosexuals"). Tabor lost his 2004 bid for Congress to Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5); by the way, did everyone see her open the NY Stock Exchange yesterday with her grandchildren? How cute. Everyone, I am sure remembers the horrible anti-gay fear tactics which were used during that dreaded 2004 race for the 5th Congressional District. Even I found myself wrapped up into that melodrama when the now ousted City Councilmember Vernon Robinson decided to hold a counter-protest to my April 2004 demonstration against the Boy Scout's anti-gay membership policies. Needless to say and known to everyone, Robinson also lost his bid for Congress and in the process of angering Winston-Salem Democrats with his anti-gay bully tactics lost his City Council seat to Democratic newcomer Molly Leight this past November. It seems now, however, that Nathan Tabor is all too willing to insert the same anti-gay tactics into his race for the North Carolina Senate. Homophobia, bigotry and prejudice will once again be the currency of Forsyth County politics. How sad. In a commentary piece published today on, Tabor mentions gay marriage as something which the Republican Party should resolve to fight:
Protect the sanctity of marriage. It should be no surprise that former Democratic President Bill Clinton is making headlines by sending a video of congratulations to singer Elton John for his “marriage” to his homosexual lover. The Democratic Party is, quite simply, the party of gay marriage. Given this fact of modern political life, the GOP is in the perfect position to protect the sanctity of marriage. Republican leaders must spearhead initiatives to ban marriage between homosexuals. Dr. Timothy J. Dailey of the Family Research Council has written, “By their own admission, gay activists are not simply interested in making it possible for homosexuals and lesbians to partake of conventional married life. Rather, they aim to change the essential character of marriage, removing precisely the aspects of fidelity and chastity that promote stability in the relationship and the home.” The push for gay marriage is, at its core, an attack on the traditional family. For the sake of our children and our children’s children, the Republican Party must take concrete action to put a stop to gay marriage.
Tabor goes on to say that fighting gay marriage should be one of the Republican Party's top three priorities; the other two being fighting abortion and big government. What ever happened to healthcare, employment, national security, economic stability, democratization and, let us not forget... the illegal and unconstitutional spying on American citizens? I've come under attack on the UNCG campus for being a conservative, or at least for being more conservative minded. Many people have said you can't be gay and conservative and the reason for their thinking is rooted in the anti-gay tactics of people like Tabor, who proclaim themselves to be "conservative". The thinking also comes from the mainstream media, who pick up this false ideology of what "conservative" means. Conservative does not mean Republican, and neither does it mean anti-gay. Being conservative, at least to me, means standing up for social decency, defending the tradition of American independence, bringing democracy to more people (within and without the United States), favoring a smaller, although not absent, federal government and states' rights (at least Tabor has that part right). Tabor, who has gone as far as to already have a campaign website,, touts himself as the only acceptable, "conservative" successor to Senator Horton. In his list of those who supported him in his 2004 run for Congress are the names of some of the most anti-gay bigots in the nation: Pat Robertson, Beverly and Tim LaHaye, Bob Jones III, Jerry Falwell and many more. He has also worked with the likes of Jesse Helms and Elizabeth Dole. The sidebar on his website (pictured right) lists all of the supposed "important issues" of his campaign. I think that it is important to note that five out of the nine issues mentioned are among a large list of the Republicans' hot-button, scare-tactic issues. Although he highlights job creation, tax cuts, education, and balanced budget issues why does he feel the need to insert issues which serve only to push voters toward positions which tend to be prejudiced. One of those hot-button issues is of course the "protection of traditional marriage". Another is illegal immigration and while I can support the notion that illegal immigration is, of course, illegal and wrong (and that it must be stopped), I can also see another way in which to go about addressing the issue. It should not be used as one of those hot-button issues, as all it will do is fan the fires of anti-immigrant prejudice just as using anti-gay tactics will fan the fires of anti-gay prejudice. There is no room for such blatant homophobic and prejudiced tactics in Forsyth County politics. Winston-Salem citizens evidently understand this as they very loudly ousted Robinson from the City Council. Hopefully, the more "conservative" people (should be known as anti-gay bigots) of Forsyth County will understand this. Politicians and candidates everywhere need to understand how to stick to the issues and stop going off on conquests to control other people's lives and create an un-needed and un-American second-class citizenship. The Forsyth County Democratic Party says they will be mounting a challenge to the Republican candidate(s). They say they will have a "viable" campaign. I hope and pray to God that this is so, because we do not need another bigot in the North Carolina Senate. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , ,


I can almost say with complete certainty that the ONLY reason that bastard is running is because Vernon is... they both got smacked around last time, but it was particularly shameful for Tabor, because even Vernon Robinson got more votes than he did. He's out for blood, that's it.

His website just panders to what he thinks conservative norms are, he doesn't have an identity of his own. His website is proof of that... the conservative voice, my ass.
But.. oh no, Vermin is not running.

From The Winston-Salem Journal:
Robinson said he could not even consider running because of his address. He does not live in the 31st Senate District, which is formed mostly by the part of For-syth County that circles Winston-Salem.>

Tabor is just out to make himself into something he is not... he is a conservative activist not a conservative politician.
Really... hmm, I read somewhere he was running. Oh well.

I still hate Nathan Tabor, pompous little asshole.
Same sentiment here... I'll just let you use the profanities, lol.
This was the first I have heard of this guy and it won't be the last either.

There is no room for such blatant homophobic and prejudiced tactics in Forsyth County politics.

Agreed my friend. And that goes for Guilford and everywhere.
Oh, definitely... I'll be keeping a look out for good ole' Mr. Tabor. I hope I get a chance to meet him, although he'll probably not be honorable enough to do that kind of thing, just like how Vermin turned down my offer to go over and meet him, shake his hand and acknowledge both of our rights to protest during my Scout demonstration.