Wednesday, January 18, 2006

European Parliament passes resolution against homophobia

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According to an article published by News, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning homophobia and discrimination against LGBT persons on Wednesday. The resolution passed 469 to 149, with 41 representatives abstaining from the vote. The measure calls upon the European Commission to take a mroe pro-active role in fighting homophobia and anti-LGBT moves in European Union member states. According to the article:
The resolution says the Commission should begin proceedings against those countries that fail to implement the directive on equal treatment in employment and occupation, and it says the Commission should consider the use of criminal penalties in cases of violation. The Commission is also asked to put forward proposals that would guarantee the rights of same-sex couples and their children. One of the main complaints of LGBT rights groups throughout Europe is that registered same-sex couples from member states where same-sex marriages or civil partnerships are legal loose all their rights if they move to another EU country where gay and lesbian relationships are not recognized. During debate on the resolution supporters of the measure accused several former communist countries, now EU members, of rampant homophobia.
Poland and Latvia which received the harshest criticism. Latvia recently passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and Poland has been caught in its own nation-wide controversy over gay rights and the abuse of activists and LGBT persons who demostrated in demonstrations starting in Poznan. The demonstrations eventually spread to Krakow and Warsaw and several demonstrations of support sprung up in cities across Europe including London and Paris. In October the European Commission warned Poland to solve its problems regarding homophobia and discrimination or it would risk losing its voting rights as a member state in the European Union. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,