Sunday, January 29, 2006

Killian makes a great point on civil rights and business

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In a comment to the prio post (, Joe Killian (visit his blog at joekillian.blogspot.com0, makes a great point concerning Mr. Zimmer and his letter written in support of discrimination:
In my opinion Zimmer seems like a nice guy who means well but has bought into the idea that controversy and the threat of diminished revenue trumps principle. If the people of the company are truly as opposed to homophobia as he says they have no business catering to homophobes at the expense of homosexuals who want the same options and services as heterosexuals. A major cornerstone of the civil rights movement was the demand that businesses rise above "controversy" created by the small minded to stand on principle and treat all people with dignity.
I also probably need to take the time now to apologize for any personal attack which might have been perceived in my post concerning Mr. Zimmer and his letter. Roch, another commenter, and Killian both make good points about that as well. As an activist who has worked for years in the struggle for equality it struck me as deeply offensive and hurtful when I read Mr. Zimmer's words. Killian commented:
Of course - it's easy for me as a straight white guy to say you shouldn't react emotionally to a gay man telling you he thinks a discriminatory policy is okay if it makes a company more money. Beyond my feeling passionately on the subject I don't have a dog in this fight.
I have to admit... yes... I reacted emotionally to another gay American defending the wrong and biased actions of a company. And... going on a tangent: Yes, Killian, you do have a "dog in this fight" because you are a straight ally - that is a person who is straight but who is also supportive of LGBT people and equality. Without straight allies our movement will never be won. So... yeah... forgive me for what some of you might have seen as a "personal attack". I just kind of wish that I wouldn't have had to hear one of my fellow gay Americans defend discrimination and work against equality for all. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,