Friday, July 08, 2005

Gay ban justified? No rights violated? ARE THEY CRAZY???

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According to an article on (article), the Pentagon has called a suit challenging the military's ban on openly gay service members "frivolous and without merit." The Petnagon also claims that the ban "does not violate their constitutional rights because they could still serve as long as they abstain from sex and do not disclose they are gay." Assistant US Attorney Mark Quinlivan told the court that only Congress has the power to change the rule. THe article goes on to say "He also said it had been proven that having openly gay people serving in the military would hurt unit cohesion although he offered no evidence to support the contention." The suit is being brought by Servicemembers Legal Defense Fund on behalf of twelve gay servicemembers. They are asking that the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of the United States Military be struck down, thereby allowing them to return to active duty. The first thing I noticed when I read this article is that the Pentagon is saying no one's rights are being violated... as long as the gay people live in silence and abstain from sex. Why is it that gay people have to keep their lives private and abstain from sex, but straight people do not? How equal is that? Has America also forgotten one of its most fundamental founding principals, that all people are given the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Gay people in the military are not given any of those three rights, for they have to live their lives in secret and in fear, have no recourse if anything should happen to them, and cannot live to the fullest extent of happiness. I don't understand my nation's military. In the article on, the Executive Director of SLDF states that American's don't care "if the helicopter pilot crossing enemy lines to rescue their wounded son is gay, or if the medic assisting their daughter is a lesbian." Another issue here is that our military has hit a very bad time with this War in Iraq. Redruitment is down and we are in need of more servicemembers. In the face of this crisis, the military still continues to dismiss servicemembers who are gay and not allow gay people to serve. To me, this is crazy! Any person in America who is willig to put their life on the line for my freedom and my liberty should be able to serve in the military that we all support through our taxes. I've come to the conclusion that the Pentagon's leaders must be crazy, firstly for thinking they have violated no one's rights and secondly for dismissing badly needed servicemembers while we are involved in a war. I think it is time for new leadership i our government and, boy, I just can't wait until January 2009!