Tuesday, August 09, 2005

International Gay News

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Some International Gay News from various sources on various topics. From the Washington Blade: Nigerian man faces death sentence for gay sex Activists threaten to sue Moscow mayor over Gay Pride ban Anglican leader calls for Church of England suspension over gays From 365gay.com: Anti-Gay SF Archbishop Heads To Vatican


It's too bad that Archbishop Akinola is making international headlines for wanting to suspend the Church of England, instead of making international headlines by condemning the execution of gay people in his own country. Do you know if he has taken any position on that?
posted by Blogger Nate at 8/09/2005 08:48:00 PM  
And does he have a suggestion on how to suspend the Church of England from a communion that is based on being in communion with the See of Canterbury, which is in... the Church of England? Suspending the Church of England is without question to destroy the Anglican Communion, since there is no Anglican Communion without the See of Canterbury.

Is it impolite to call an archbishop a dork?
posted by Blogger Nate at 8/09/2005 08:50:00 PM  
I do not know if he has taken a position on the killing of gays in his country, although if he has I would assume he would probably be in support.

And, yes, I think it would still be impolite to call the Archbishop a dork. :)