Monday, August 08, 2005

Triad Scouting For All changes its mission & organizational set-up/strategy

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Triad Scouting For All,, the "organization" I started in Spring 2004, is changing directions. Over the past year I have come to realize that while interest remains high in the general subject and topic of discrimination against gay and atheist youth and adults within the Boy Scouts of America, community interest in being a part of an organization to try to stop it has declined. I've also come to realize that the Boy Scouts of America will not change by the pushing and prodding of organizations belonging to the Inclusive Scouting movement. Although I support those organizations, ones which include the Coalitions for Inclusive Scouting ( and Scouting For All (, I do not see any future in them. Their work has been important but not much else can be done. In my honest opinion, it is high time for both Scouting For All and the Coalitions for Inclusive Scouting to re-evaluate where they stand and what they are doing, just as I have done with Triad Scouting For All. Triad Scouting For All has now become "Triad Scouting For All ONLINE" and will serve as an online, internet-based education and awareness group. My hope is to continue to run the site in order to help educate the community and raise awareness. While it has become obvious that Triad Scouting For All would have never succeeded in being a full-fledged "organization," it is still important to keep the story of what has happened in the Triad and especially within the Old Hickory Council alive. Triad Scouting For All ONLINE will be able to do just that. It will keep the story alive and help to educate those who wish to be educated. The site will continue to run and be updated with important information about the happeningsregarding the Boy Scouts, especially that which applies to the Old Hickory Council. As Triad Scouting For All Online comes into being, the website will be changing with new features and information added. I want to thank all of the community members who have supported me through my experiences with the Boy Scouts of America. Although I cannot name them all... they do know who they are. I would have been able to do nothing without your help. I am content with what Triad Scouting For All accomplished in April 2004 and I am content with the awareness that I have been able to bring about in Winston-Salem and the Triad regarding discrimination within the Boy Scouts of America. It is my wish that I shall be able to continue to raise awareness through Triad Scouting For All ONLINE and through continue to tell my story as I move on to be involved in other organizations and movements. Again, I thank all who have supported me. I now ask that everyone remember that we must still support the Boy Scouts of America. Although the Boy Scouts of America has their discriminatory membership policies, let us not forget the great works they ahve doen for our nation in the past and the opportunities which millions of young boys and adults still get to participate in today. Hopefully, the day will come when even gay and atheist youth and adults will be able to participate in this wonderful organization. Triad Scouting For All ONLINE is available at I hope to be able to acquire a more mainstream, ".org" or ".net" address sometime in the future.