Friday, August 05, 2005

Defrocking of Epsicopal priest goes too far

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I discovered a blog post on the Gay Religion News Blog ( An Episcopal priest of the Eastern Diocese of the Episcopal Church in Michigan has been defrocked due to his opposition of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America's stance on homosexuality and the appointment of The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire. The Reverend Gene Geromel was removed for being "out of communion" with his Bishop. ======= I really do think that the removal of The Reverend G. Geromel goes too far. The Church is only making a bad situation worse. Now, everyone can probably guess right off that I am in full support of the concescration of The Right Reverend V.G. Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire. Everyone can also guess that I am also in support of the Church's movement toward full inclusion. I want to be a priest one day and full inclusion is the only way I will be able to achieve that. I also believe, however, that the Church must allow room for disagreement not only amongst its members, but also its clergy. If The Reverend G. Geromel had been Bishop of the Diocese, I might have supported his removal from that post, but not his defrockment. No priest should e defrocked just because of his view on homosexuality, unless that view is harmful to the spiritual welfare of the Church's gay and lesbian membership. To me, it seems as though The Reverend G. Geromel has only spoken his mind about Scripture and he has nto condemned any body or any group of persons. He should not have been removed from the Priesthood.