Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush promotes Roberts' nomination from Justice to Chief Justice

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According to an article published by the New York Times (September 5, 2005), President Bush has nominated John Roberts to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist, who passed away at his Virginia home on Saturday. According to the article:
Senate leaders agreed this morning to delay by at least two days the start of Mr. Roberts's confirmation hearing, which had been set to begin on Tuesday, when he was being considered to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Now that Mr. Bush has nominated him for the chief justice's job, several Senate and Congressional leaders had asked that the hearings be delayed until after Chief Justice Rehnquist's funeral, which is set for Wednesday. The hearings will begin as early as Thursday and no later than next Monday, with a final decision on timing expected following further discussions. President Bush made today's announcement in the Oval Office with Judge Roberts at his side, saying that with just four weeks left before the Supreme Court reconvenes, it was in the interest of the court and the country to have a chief justice on the bench on the first full day of the fall term. "He's a man of integrity and fairness and throughout his life he's inspired the respect and loyalty of others," Mr. Bush said of his nominee. "John Roberts built a record of excellence and achievement and reputation for goodwill and decency toward others in his extraordinary career." In brief remarks, Judge Roberts said: "I am honored and humbled by the confidence the president has shown in me." "I am very much aware that if I am confirmed I would succeed a man I deeply respect and admire, a man who has been very kind to me for 25 years," he said.
====== I think it is a good thing that Roberts has been nominated for the job. It is certainly better than promoting one of the more conservative members of the Court. I believe Roberts will make a good, somewhat moderate Chief Justice.


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