Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bush Supreme Court nominee Miers opposed AIDS non-discrimination laws

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From the Washington Blade: Miers opposed AIDS non-discrimination laws Supreme Court nominee's 1989 questionnaires in conflict By CHRIS CRAIN | Oct 18, 1:51 PM Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers told a conservative Dallas group that she opposed legislation prohibiting discrimination in the workplace and accommodations for people with AIDS or "perceived to have AIDS," according to a newly released questionnaire she completed in her 1989 run for City Council there. "Would you support an ordinance that would force businesses to hire persons with AIDS and those perceived to have AIDS?" the survey asks, and Miers checked "no." She also indicated her opposition to any ordinance requiring "individual property owners and businesses to provide accommodations" to PWAs or "those perceived to have AIDS." To read the full article visit: http://www.washblade.com/thelatest/thelatest.cfm?blog_id=3013