Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gay high school boy nominated 'homecoming princess' in Connecticut

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According to an article on "Westport Now" news service, an openly gay boy has been nominated to become 'homecoming princess' of the Staples High School Junior Class in Westport, Connecticut. According to the article:
In an apparent show of support for a gay male classmate, the Staples High School junior class has nominated him to be “Homecoming Princess.” Ben Zawacki was one of three nominees for the honor. Students voted for the finalist Thursday and today. The results of the balloting will be announced Saturday at the homecoming barbeque following the Staples football game against Norwalk. This year, for the first time, Staples does not just have a homecoming king and queen as in years past. Instead, there is a prince and princess for grades 9-11 and a king and queen for grade 12. At the beginning of the week, students were allowed to vote for the boy and girl they wanted to be prince and princess for their respective grades. When the voting was tallied, Zawacki, who has made no secret of his being gay, was named one of three nominees for junior princess. This meant that he was in the top three vote getters. At today’s pep rally, when all the prince, princess, king, and queen nominees were introduced, Zawacki got by far the loudest welcome as nominees walked onto the football field in front of fellow students.
====== One thing must be said for today's generation of youth: They are, by far, the most accepting of LGBT people in society. For the past 50 years, the LGBT community has fought long and hard to gain full acceptance and equality in the American society. I think it should be quite clear that this will come to pass within the next 3- to 40 years because of today's youth and their attitudes regarding acceptance, tolerance and equality. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that some parents of Staples High School will make a big deal over this nomination... whenever anything relating to gays occurs in high schools, the radical right comes sweeping in. Well, let me clarify... whenever something regarding gay equality and acceptance in high schools occurs the radical right will come in.


"One thing must be said for today's generation of youth: They are, by far, the most accepting of LGBT people in society."

Yes, but unfortunately we also have a very large baby boomer generation unwilling to accept and probably not going to die-off for another 30 years. I just hope this persons 15 minutes of fame doesn't result in hate as so many other gays have fallen victim to.
Not to be mean or anything... but it won't be the baby boomers creating legislation in our City Halls, State Assemblies or the US Senate or House in 20-30 years... it will be us students who are now in college.

As for myself... I would just love to be in the North Carolina Senate or House... maybe even Governor!
Your right Matt... Things will change.

When you run let me know, I'll vote for you!