Saturday, October 22, 2005

Charges of fraud in Mass. petition drive to ban gay marriage

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Signature fraud charges fly on Beacon Hill PAID PETITION WORKER ALLEGES TO JOINT MASS. LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE HOW SIGNATURE GATHERERS WERE TRAINED IN BAIT AND SWITCH TECHNIQUES; CO-WORKERS JOKED HOW GAY CITIZENS UNWITTINGLY SIGNED TO OPPOSE THEIR MARRIAGE RIGHTS For more than four hours on Beacon Hill yesterday, supporters and detractors of a proposed ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage traded charges of dirty tricks and nastiness as lawmakers from a joint House and Senate committee on election laws heard testimony. The hearing room was packed. For their part, gay marriage detractors said they have been intimidated and that gay activists were using any number of antics to thwart signature gathering, such as spilling coffee on signature sheets and marking them - all to invalidate the petitions. To read the full article CLICK HERE