Friday, October 21, 2005

Maryland high school students hold gay rights rally in response to an anti-gay demonstration at their school

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Jon Wood, left, and Rob Provencher show their support for gay rights at a rally on Thursday organized by the Gay-Straight Student Alliance at Pikesville High School. According to an article published by the Washington Blade, students at a Maryland high school held a protest outside of their school Thursday afternoon in response to the anti-gay demonstration put on by a church on Monday. On Monday, members of a local church demonstrated against the school's Coming Out Week, which was being coordinated by the its Gay-Straight Student Alliance. Members of the church spoke through bullhorns and shouted that homosexuality is a sin. According to the article:
Pikesville’s Gay-Straight Student Alliance had organized events at school that week to encourage gay students to come out and straight students to support them. Rachel Blank, who helped organize Thursday’s protest with fellow student, Reed Shusterman, founded the GSA last spring. "I was told I’m going to hell and that Jesus could save me," said Jacob Friedman, who attended Thursday’s rally. "But I’m Jewish." For Alex Levine, a senior, the anti-gay comments were hurtful and personal. "I broke down in tears," said Alex Levine, who wore a t-shirt with "Proud to Be Me" written on it. "It’s not my choice. It’s who I am." Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students were asked to wear rainbows on Thursday; straight supporters were told to wear pink. At the rally, most students wore pink — some from head to toe. "Seeing the pink meant more to me," Levine said. Many of the people who attended the rally commented at how many students openly support gay rights. "My gaydar is pretty good," said Anne Bugnaski, a senior at Carver high school. "Most of these students are not gay. It’s amazing." School teachers, parents, alumni and students — some from Pikesville and others from neighboring schools — held signs to passing cars, squealing and clapping whenever drivers honked in support. The larger the vehicle, the louder the students cheered — a Coca Cola truck and school bus may have elicited the most excited reactions.
Teachers, Staff, Students and Alumni who did not attend the protest haev also expressed support. Nothing, so far, has been heard from the church who originally held the anti-gay demonstration on Monday. Another article and video can be found about this issue at:


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