Monday, October 24, 2005

Utah Op-Ed: Should a Gay-Straight Alliance be allowed in a high school?

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From the Daily Herald (Provo, Utah) Herald poll response Gay-straight alliance The Daily Herald Editor's note: The Daily Herald asked readers if a gay-straight alliance should be approved at Provo High School. Here are the comments we received: Homosexuality a 'lifestyle,' not a fleeting interest Comparing homosexual clubs to any of the other types of clubs that you mention is like comparing apples and oranges. By their own claims, homosexuals are born that way and cannot change their sexual lifestyle, no matter what. Therefore their lifestyle interests and desires will always be there and they will always want to gather with others like themselves. The other clubs have members who may outgrow their interests and will get on with their lives and other interests. Homosexuality cannot and will not join the "shifting sands of student interest" you speak of, nor will the club. Gary Macomber, Salem Provo residents must stand up, speak out against club People voicing their opinion can make a difference. When the definition of family was challenged, the first-ever Mayday for Marriage rally on Oct. 15, 2004, organized by Ken Hutcherson, an African-American pastor from Seattle, drew a crowd from across the country of an estimated 140,000 to Washington, D.C. What did they do when they were told to do nothing about it? We think all students are free to participate in clubs organized for subjects of educational or recreational interests at Provo High. There is no need for the creation of a club promoting this political agenda. Erin and Carolyn Flinders, Provo Gay-straight club's opponents try to force views on others Yes, they should allow the club to go forward. People say that they don't want the views pushed in their face, or in their children's faces, but living here in Utah I get Mormonism pushed in my face everyday. Even when I don't want to hear it. The LDS Church tries to make every law here in Utah like LDS commandments. Doesn't anyone remember the saying that you shouldn't mix law with religion? Tonya Johnson, Salt Lake City Accommodating different people not hurting society According to numerous studies, 10 percent of people throughout the world will grow up to be sexually attracted to those of the same gender. This percentage is about the same as those born left-handed. It has always been this way and will always be. No one knows why, but here's what I do know, that 10 percent of our community doesn't deserve to be alienated simply for being slightly different through no fault of their own. Many accommodations have been made for we who are left-handed. The gay and lesbian citizens of this country deserve the same respect. Charles Anderson, Orem Taxpayers shouldn't pay bill for gay-straight alliance When I went to high school in the early '40s, we never suggested at any time having a gay club at our high school because we knew it wouldn't be tolerated in our schools. After reading about the gay club at Provo High School, as a taxpayer supporting education I am thoroughly disgusted. I just hope they aren't using my money to support that gay club in any way, shape or form. What happened to the good old days when the principals and teachers were supported in making the rules and giving our children a good quality education? Elvin Loader, Provo This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A5. Original Source: ====== You know, there is a reason why many American's think of nothing but radically conservative religious zealots when they look at Utah. The things which have been said about the new gay-straight alliance at Provo High School is nothing but sickening.