Sunday, October 23, 2005

Homosexuality.... Intelligent Design?

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From the Raleigh News & Observer Letters to the Editor If it's not evolution... I have to agree with Dennis Rogers about homosexuality ("Old truth in young gays," Oct. 15). Homosexuality is very complex behavior; it appears in every generation, in every culture and in many species besides our own. It can't be a product of evolution because homosexuals don't reproduce. Homosexuality must be a product of Intelligent Design. Steve Klein Raleigh October 21, 2005 Original Source: letters/story/2820883p-9268347c.html Here's the column, the letter writer is referring to: Old truth in young gays By DENNIS ROGERS, Staff Writer October 15, 2005 Did God make a mistake? I don't mean with giraffes, penguins or even the 1976 AMC Pacer. He obviously created those for the giggles. I mean with gay people. There's a proposal before the State Board of Education that says school guidance counselors and social workers should know how to deal with all sorts of discrimination students may face, including sex roles as well as race, creed and national origin. Professionals say it would help counselors and social workers do a better job if universities would include sexual orientation and gender identity training in their education counseling curriculum. That reasonable suggestion set those who proudly proclaim themselves guardians of "traditional family values" howling with outrage. "The North Carolina Family Policy Council agrees wholeheartedly that each person should be respected," read one letter to the state school board. "However, not all forms of diversity should be supported." Neat trick, that. It's difficult to be respectful to those you consider teenage sex perverts. So the question remains: Did God make a mistake when he made gay people? If he created everything else, as the anti-evolutionists on the religious right argue, wouldn't that include homosexuals, too? And would he have made so many of them if he didn't love them? I mean, they're everywhere. You can hardly swing a cat without hitting one. Not that you should do that. If God didn't make them, how'd they get here? No gay person I've known said they woke up one morning and decided to play for the other team, so to speak. From what I've observed and read, sexual orientation is determined before birth. Choice has nothing to do with it, the smart people say. It pretty much comes down to this: You're born gay or you're not. You may fake it for a while, but inside, you know. If God made some people gay, do we really want to risk his considerable wrath by condemning them? Seems a dangerous thing to do, given the comments by some fundamentalist religious leaders lately that God sends natural disasters to punish people who irritate him. As Noah asked his neighbor in a Bill Cosby routine, "How long can you tread water?" Yes, I know, there's that Leviticus chapter 20, verse 13 thing in the Bible about how gay people are an abomination. Interesting cat, Leviticus. If he got it right, God is also not crazy about tattoos (19:28), pork chops (11:7-8) or fried shrimp platters (11:10-11). And woe unto neighbors who get a little too friendly (20:10). And what was it Jesus said about homosexuality? That's right, nothing. Imagine that. Maybe when Jesus, who went out of his way to embrace societal outcasts like Mary Magdalene, said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," he really meant what he said. And what was it he said about children? Something about "Suffer the little children to come unto me"? Wise counselors have been doing that for years, lending a sympathetic ear and offering compassionate advice to questioning kids. The state should give them the help they need to do so with all God's children, not just the ones approved by the Family Policy Council. Dennis Rogers can be reached at 829-4750 or Original Source: columnist/story/2817993p-9264471c.html