Monday, November 14, 2005

University of Florida student's father detained for 'loud preaching'

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According to an article published by The Alligator, the campus newspaper of the University of Florida, the father of a UF student was detained by campus police for "lud preaching." The father was preaching against homosexuality and calling the UF Office of LGBT Affairs the "department of sodomy and immorality." According to the article:
David Miller, 45, of Beverly Hills, Fla., was wearing an anti-"homo" pin in the style of a no-smoking sign when police responded to a complaint placed at about noon. Miller defended his right to free speech to the officers, he said, and a UPD supervisor eventually arrived and released him. He continued to preach about the "immorality" of the UF Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs. Miller's activism on Turlington Plaza was prompted by training that his daughter went through as a Resident Assistant at Mallory Hall. The RAs were given a questionnaire that rated their level of comfort with homosexuality, presenting scenarios such as the discovery that one's mother is gay. They also engaged in role-playing games, Miller's daughter, Christine, said. Christine portrayed an RA whose resident told her she might be gay. She referred the resident to the Gator Gay-Straight Alliance and LGBT Affairs, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Gator Christian Life. This sparked heated debate in her class and incited her father to embark on a self-described crusade. "I believe the homosexuals are using the residence halls as a recruitment tool to get more individuals into their group," he said. But Christine said her father's crusade is not hers. "I'm just a student. I'm not on a crusade," she said. "Every human has rights. ...That doesn't mean completely agreeing with them as if I would practice them myself." Standing on a planter on the plaza, Miller read his daughter's questionnaire to passing students and asked for their responses. He told them homosexuality was immoral. "I wasn't out there name-calling people," he said. "It was an academic discussion." He called out to nearby members of a historically black fraternity, proclaiming that homosexuality, unlike race, was a chosen behavior. Miller said students spat on him, cursed him and played loud music to drown him out.