Monday, December 19, 2005

'Christian Britain' doesn't have a problem with gay rights, why do we?

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According to an article published by The Guardian (U.K.) the first gay 'wedding' has taken place under the U.K.'s new domestic partner law. At the same time, while defending Christmas and attacking the political correctness surrounding the holiday (i.e. 'holiday trees', etc), the Archibishop of Canterbury, The Right Reverend and Most Honorable Dr. Rowan Williams and his predecessor Lord Carey said that "Political correctness or fear of offending other religions should not be allowed to cloud the fact that Christianity lies at the heart of British culture (emphasis added, source)." I have a question... Britain's Christian faith is just as deeply embedded in their culture as it is ours in America, if not more so. Just think about it... Britain even has an official state church (one of the reasons why we have a separation of church and state, you know). If the United Kingdom doesn't have a problem granting same-sex couples rights and benefits similar to marriage (however little they may actually be), even with their great historic faith, why does America? Religious bigotry is a problem in the United States. In the name of God and Church, our elected officials and the radical, religious right have used bigotry, hatred and prejudice as a means to keep certain portions of the American population in a state of second-class citizenship. My point is this... the American bigots and religiuos radicals do not know how to separate Church from State. The Government should offer all of its citizens equal rights and equal access. No one is trying to make churches marry gay people if it goes against their doctrines or creeds. The Government, however, has no doctrinal rules which they must follow, unless of course you count the principals of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The United States of America, 'Land of the Free'... start living up to your name and start giving all of your citizens an equal place in society and in government. If we cannot do this ourselves then we should probably not be in Iraq trying to get them to do it there. Technorati Tags: , , , , ,


Actually, the Anglican Church is among the most viciously anti-gay franchises of Protestantism. There is an Anglican schism brewing precisely because the Anglicans of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America have "had it" with gay tolerance in the U.S. and England.
I'm fully aware of the Anglican schism which is brewing. I'm Episcopalian myself. My point is that the United Kingdom, even with the existence of an officially sanctioned state church, was able to give same-sex couples at least some basic equal rights.

The UK has been able, even in the midst of religiously motivated bigotry, to offer its citizens a road toward full equality.