Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Gay-Straight Alliance forms in Lynchburg VA area

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According to an article published by Lynchburg News and Advance, the first gay-straight student group of the Lynchburg area has formed. The E.C. Glass High School Gay-Straight Alliance was the result of a cultural diversity and awareness program attended by about 30 students in September. The first meeting of the high school's Gay-Straight Alliance was held this past Wednesday (December 14, 2005) with about 30 students in attendance. One of the student organizers, Melanie Dunn, brought one of the group's posters to the meeting; it had been vandalized. She used the defacement and the moment as a chance to point out the adversity the students would be facing in starting the group. Another gay-straight student club is trying to be established at a nearby high school. Students at Jefferson Forest High School have been stuck in their organizing process for five months because they cannot find a faculty member willing to be the group's advisor. Lynchburg City Schools is the only district to have a gay-straight student group in the Lynchburg area. The group was able to form because a teacher and assistant principal were willing to serve as advisors for the group. The Glass High School Gay-Straight Alliance will do what all gay-straight student clubs seek to do: promote diversity and acceptance while making their school a better place for all student sto live, learn and play regardless of sexual orientation. Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,