Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Government-endorsed & sponsored discrimination; Boy Scouts receive Federal protections

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According to an article published by the Washington Blade, the new defense bill with provisions protecting the Boy Scouts of America has passed in committee. The provision requires any state or local governments to allow access to public spaces by the Boy Scouts of America if they receive federal housing funds or funds for community development. The Boy Scouts of America openly discriminates against gay youth and adults, in regard to membership and leadership. Boy Scout policy states that homoexual conduct is inconsistent with the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass), who is openly gay, has sent a letter to the conferees on the Armed Services Authorization bill committee. The letter urges the conferees to drop the language protecting the Boy Scouts of America. According to the article:
According to the provision, state or town governments that receive federal housing funds and community development monies can’t bar the Boy Scouts or other youth groups equal access to public spaces.
The statement from Barney's office stated that the provision, "was clearly intended to insulate the Boy Scouts of America from any federal actions against their anti-gay policy". ====== This is just another example, as I have given many in the past few days, of discrimination, prejudice and bias being endorsed and sponsored by the Government. In my experience being kicked out of Scouting for being gay and also in my experience as an American citizen (although a second-class one), I am deeply hurt that the Federal Government wishes to protect and defend an organization that is hurting the gay youth (i.e. CHILDREN) in our country. Although I admit that the Boy Scouts have and still do a lot of good in our society, I also have the personal and professional experience to know that they also hurt youth. I'll probably post more on the subject of the Boy Scouts and discrimination later today, but for now, go to Triad Scouting For All ONLINE to learn more about my past Scouting activities, dismissal and action to stop the anti-gay policies of the Boy Scouts of America. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , ,


heee. i've always wanted to go to a boy scout car wash and ask if they will still wash me car if i'm gay. hahahahhahaa. sorry. i find it amusing. i was a boy scout. i find hate nowhere in the teachings until the adults took over.
You are right... the teachings don't inherently teach hate, nor do they teach that being gay is wrong. That comes from religiously-based bigotry.

Also, let me add that adults are not the only ones doing wrong. The youth members, being directed by policy based solely in prejudice and bigotry, are being taught that discriminating and being prejudice against gays is okay.

For any boy who is gay and even if he doesn't tell anyone, I can bet the others boys already sense it, as they did with me. For years before I "came out" I was subject to some of the most horrible anti-gay physical and verbal abuse imaginable.

And for all those people who might say I am anti-Boy Scout: You are wrong... I was a Boy Scout, heck, I still consider myself a Scout. A can't be anti-Boy Scout; I just can't. I am, however, against discrimination in the organization.