Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Usual gay foe, UNC-Wilmington professor joins in on UNCG Free Speech controversy

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Being covered by the Student-Customer Rights Campaign at UNCG CLICK TO GO Image created by Ryan J. RadfordAccording to an post published on Greensboro101.com and on a post on the Student-Customer Rights Campaign, UNC-Wilmington professor and Town Hall columnist Mike Adams has joined in support of students being punished for violating UNCG's unconstitutional free speech zones. Mike Adams, of UNC-WilmingtonMike Adams (pictured left) has, in the past, been a foe to the LGBTQA students and student group on the campus of UNCG Most people would think of me as being crazy for agreeing with him on something, but oh well... I've already done that sort of thing when I appointed the former College Republican representative to be my Chairman Pro Tempore in the Student Senate Legislative Committee. Although Mike Adams and I might part ways when it comes down to LGBTQA issues, we still both agree that what the UNCG Administration is doing is wrong and unconstitutional. Now I am pretty sure that I am taking a big risk in associating my more conservative-minded self with the likes of Mike Adams. The man is seen as a bigot and a homophobe within the campus LGBTQ community (well, at least by the people who actually have heard about his past UNCG struggles). It only makes sense that I would agree with him on this issue and any other more consrvative-minded person... because I am more conservative in my outlook on a lot of subjects. My outlook on LGBT Equality may be quite liberal leaning, but that doesn't mean my mind isn't just as complex and contradictory as any other's. So, a labeled "bigot" and "homophobe" agrees with a labeled "gay activist" and "advocate"... Even the greatest of foes will eventually agree on something To read more about Mike Adams' support read posts at Greenbsoro101.com and at the Student-Customer Rights Campaign @ UNCG. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,



...and we've gotta come up a better "free speech controversy" logo than that; something dramatic and overdone... I'll put my half-ass photoshop skills to work and see what I can do
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Not bad for about 20 minutes work

You wanna put those photoshop skills to use and make the College Dems site?

No, seriously. We'll pay you.

And why is this guy sticking his face in UNCG affairs anyway? Why does he care?
I like it... I really, really like it!

I was just trying to make somehting I could use as a little "logo" when I post here on my blog... I guess we could use it on SCRC too.

Good job, Ryan!

A. Depends on how much you'll pay me.

B. Because he's just another Republican activist-type, and he sticks his nose in, basically, every school in the system's business if students aren't being treated fairly. I don't see it as a problem, I think everyone's behind this cause regardless of ideology, so the more publicity the better. Did he have to bring up the old stuff? Probably not, but I'm not going to complain as long as more people now know about what's going on.
Yes... this is an issue that should not be held captive to political/ideological chains.

Regardless of your party affiliation or your thoughts on other issues, this is an issue which many people are standing behind.

I know that Ryan and I differ on many political/ideological issues, but that has not stopped us from agreeing and working on other issues which are important to Student Government or the Student Body.

There will always be certain issues which should and do transcend party lines or positions and this free speech controversy is one of those issues.

Like I said in my post I am agreeing with someone who I see as being one of the UNC System's biggest homophobes and anti-LGBT advocate. Even through that, though, there is an important issue on which we both feel strongly about. Our opinions on other issues shouldn't have anything to do with advocating for citizens' right to free speech.

If everyone could learn to stop focusing on our differences and stop battling each other over things upon which they disagree and instead work together on the issues you can agree on, we would all be better off.