Friday, December 30, 2005

Proof that anti-gay bigots want more than protection of marriage

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According to an article published by, the same Christian political action groups which spearheaded the move to ban gaymarriage in Texas are now pushing a move which would take away funding to the university of Texas's LGBT Center. This is proof that the anti-gay, radical right wants to do more than just "protect marriage". They want to silence all gay people and take us to a real second-class citizenship. Want more proof: According to Lambda Legal, anti-gay groups are also suing to take away healthcare for LGBT domestic partners at the University of Maimi. My God... can gay people have any rights or should we just disappear? From the actions of the anti-gay bigots, you'd think that's what they'd want us to do: go away and never come back. But, of course, that is what they want us to do. It won't happen, though, because right always wins over wrong and they are just, simply put, wrong. Technorati Tags: , , , ,