Monday, January 09, 2006

Murder is like, um... so gay!

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According to a blog post published by Andrew Sullivan, the radical anti-gay group Concerned Women for America has equated homosexuality with murder, pedophilia, theft and lying. In the post, Andrew Sullivan gives an excerpt of a writing found on the CWA website:
Homosexual sexual relationships are wrong. That's the reason they should not be celebrated. Not because they haven't yet been ingratiated into the public conscience or shamelessly accepted by their practitioners. The reason people are repulsed by homosexual sex isn't because people are bigoted. It's for the same reason people are repulsed by pedophilia, theft, murder and lying. It's because God is repulsed by sin and we all inherently understand right from wrong. (See Romans 1.)" - Mark Landsbaum, analogizing a gay relationship to murder, on the Concerned Women for America website.
You can always tell what kind of an anti-gay bigot someone is by what "evidence" they use to back up their claims of homosexuality being wrong (note: the following three examples don't even come close to listing all possibilities):
  • The first is your stereotypical, straight, teenage male: "Man, gays are wrong, because, dude... that's just gross." This kind of crap can be overcome by simple education and awareness.
  • The stereotypical, fundamentalist church-goer: "My pastor says being gay is wrong so I must listen to him." Again... simple, although more time consuming, education and awareness
  • And finally we have your bible-beating, fundamentalist, anti-gay, "oh look at me I'm so righteous" hypocrites, who quote Scripture condemning gays but forget about everything else in the Bible: "You are going to hell and you must change and Book such-and-such, Verse number blah-blah says..." Education and Awareness? I don't know if it will work on these type of bigots, but we can surely try.
I've said it a million times and I'll say it again... Love is love and people are people. The radical, religious Right has no right to tell me who I can love or if I'm bound for hell by loving them. I don't recall my Saviour saying "All you who are heavy laden - except the queers - come to me and I will give you rest..." No, he didn't say that! Christ said ALL and "all" means ALL people, black or white, gay or straight, so on and so on. As a Christian, I call on all other Christians - Heck! I call on all fair-minded persons of religion everywhere - to stand up against the radical Christian Right. What they are doing is wrong, unethical and certainly un-Christian. Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,


There is one more category (at least) that is the most disturbing to me. These people are the gay men who are born-again and quote the same scriptures as the extreme fundamentalists and yet have gay sex. Many are heavily into additive behavior because they can't handle their feelings, so expect alcohol, drugs or sexual compulsion between Bible verses.