Friday, January 06, 2006

North Carolina Congressman blasts NBC's new 'Book of Daniel'

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According to an article published by, a North Carolina Congressman has blasted NBC on its new show, "The Book of Daniel" Representative Walter B. Jones (NC-3), a Republican, claims that the new show "mocks religion and portrays Christians in a negative light". According to the article:
Rep. Walter B. Jones said the show "The Book of Daniel," which is set to premiere at 9pm Eastern time Friday, should not be aired or should be aired "at a time as far removed from the family hour as possible." "These constituent concerns undoubtedly stem from press reports indicating that the show contains offensive content - including profanity, crude language, ethnic stereotypes, sexual scenes and innuendo, and a tacit approval of premarital sex," Jones wrote in a letter to NBC Universal Chairman & CEO, Bob Wright. "But what makes the show especially objectionable are indications that the show portrays religious leaders as people who ignore Biblical teachings by giving some manner of approval to such vices as an addiction to prescription painkillers, adultery, selling drugs, alcohol abuse, embezzlement and sexual promiscuity," wrote Jones. The Republican congressman also took issue with the show's portrayal of Jesus Christ "as a kind of blas頭oral authority who reacts to a teenage daughter selling drugs by stating, 'She'll be fine, she's a good girl,' and to a high school boy engaging in premarital sex by remarking differently, 'He's a kid, let him be a kid.'"
Represenative Jones was also accused NBC of being discriminatory and biased against those persons who are Christian, calling the show "an example of bigotry toward those espousing traditional Christian beliefs. I suspect that a similar portrayal of, say, Muslim imams as confused in their faith or adhering only casually to religious teachings would have very little chance of being aired on NBC". ====== Doesn't a member of Congress have more important things to do rather than worrying about what shows are going to be aired on NBC? You would think he might be working on trying to handle the war we are in or maybe our deficit. Oh... I know what he could work on: Defending Bush and his illegal and unconstitutional spying of American citizens. I don't know about you all but Representative Jones is wasting his time, our time and our taxpayer dollars by speaking out against this NBC show. He should be doing his job in Washington instead of worrying about NBC. It is not in his job description to tell NBC what should or should not be aired on their stations. See past posts: Technorati Tags: , , , , , , ,