Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sullivan appears on Comedy Central's Colbert Report

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From GAWKER: Andrew Sullivan Makes Sweet, Bloggy Love to Stephen Colbert Blogstar Andrew Sullivan — who’s now posting his blog on — took his funny accent to The Colbert Report last night, where pressing issues were deftly tackled:
Colbert: So edumacate me here: A blog is what? I know the kids do it, I hear it all the time with, like, iPod, I hear those two terms thrown around a lot. Sullivan: It’s almost like you have truth that you give us every night. But some of us, we just struggle every day to put whatever little bit of truth we can find on the internet and call it a blog. It’s literally a web log, it’s a log of your random, incessant thoughts, on the web. C: So a blog is web log? Is there an apostrophe, or do you guys not even have the strength for that? You’re just gonna jam two words together?
After the jump, Sullivan’s impressive answer and truthiness for the Times.
S: Over time it just became a “blog.” C: “Blog.” It’s a beautiful word. It’s musical. So, uh, you type your thoughts and they appear on a screen instantly and that’s it. That’s what you do? S: That’s what I do. C: They used to call that typing. I don’t trust you guys, because anybody could do that, right? S: You don’t. The only way you can trust anybody who blogs is by following them and making sure they’re not full of it all the time. The one sign of a good blogger is that he immediately corrects a mistake. And unlike the New York Times, where they can put all of their millions of mistakes in a little box in the corner every day which you never read, a blogger has to fess up, right there, just like you do every night. C: Actually, I read the New York Times corrections. It’s the most entertaining part of that paper.
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