Friday, July 22, 2005

"Activist Judges" ??? They exist in Spain, too!!!!

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According to an article on Yahoo! News (article) a judge has blocked a same-sex marriage citing the country's constitution. According to the article:
The head of Spain's supreme court, Francisco Jose Hernando, commented on the judge's move, saying, "if the colleague in Denia thinks that the new law regulating homosexual marriages contains unconstitutional aspects, it is within his rights to have chosen this means of expressing his doubts."
Spanish gay rights organizations fear that conservative Catholic judges may wage a war against marriage equality for gay couples. ======= It seems that while conservatives here in America are complaining about liberal "activist judges" who legislate law against the will of the people and legislature, liberals are complaining about the opposite in Spain. The Spanish people and legislature have ruled that gay couples can be married, yet conservative "activist judges" are fighting it. One thing though: I bet most of the hypocritical, radical, religious conservatives of America are standing behind these conservative judges in Spain... even though those judges are doing what the American conservatives seem to loathe the most: legislating from the bench. You know what... hypocrisy stinks.